Invest in a Good Skincare Routine

Getting clear and healthy skin is much easier than you think

You may not worry much about skincare, but the truth is that you should. Even if you don’t have obvious skin problems (so looking after your skin may not be your top priority) remember it's the biggest organ in the body! Taking care of your skin will help prevent wrinkles and even skin cancer so looking after it will help it to do its job better...protecting you!

Here are 5 ways you can start investing in your skin

1. Book a skin consultation with Temple Clinic

You will understand more about your skin after your consultation – Temple Clinic has won awards for their skin knowledge and for helping people just like you. The staff will advise on how you can undo the damage which may have already been done (even if it isn’t immediately visible) as well as how to protect your skin properly with a bespoke skincare programme.

2. Using the products that are recommended for YOU

Not every product is suitable for everyone. Effective skincare is like good medicine and it is essential to have the right product prescribed for you to help your skin.

3. SPF – So if it isn’t sunny outside why should I wear SPF?

Sunscreen is the one product that everyone needs to use DAILY. Even if you have naturally tanned skin you still need to use it! Protecting your skin from the damaging rays, which your skin is exposed to even on cloudy days can really decrease the risk of skin cancer and help prevent the skin ageing quicker than it should.

4. In house treatments

Invest in spoiling your skin and treat yourself to our wonderful light fusion treatment - instant results leave you with hydrated and smooth skin. Your skin will think it's Christmas! However, this treatment is not only for special occasions - make this your monthly treat to keep your skin looking and feelings it's best.

5. At home

Cleanse and moisturise your skin daily. Follow our advice to keep your skin alive, fresh and looking bright. Don’t worry if you are thinking "what if I have already damaged my skin?" Take a moment to think how amazing your skin is when it comes to its healing ability. Remember that time you had a cut? Did your skin heal then? Your skin has natural abilities to regenerate and repair itself but sometimes these abilities need a bit of extra help to really do it well.

So imagine how much more effectively it would heal if this natural skill was supported by better skincare. Imagine knowing what your skin really needs to make it healthy. We can provide you with the right knowledge on how to use the right products. "I regret taking care of my skin" – said no one ever! 

Book a consultation to start today, your skin will thank you later.

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