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Soft as a baby’s… I’m no Naomi Campbell.

A natural ginger, with a pale freckly appearance, I’m used to having to slap on factor 50 and sit in the shade, while friends soak up their sexy tans in bright sunshine. As a 70s child, I spent most of my time outdoors, when bronzing oil was more readily available than sun protection cream. In the 70s and particularly in the long hot summer of 1976, kids burned. “Slap on some after-sun and get back outside, the sun is good for you”, we heard. I also confess to a few sunbeds as a teenager – I never tanned but my freckles got bigger and darker taking away the bright glare of my peely wally skin.

So venturing into Temple Clinic for a skin consultation, I was aware I would have some sun damage. I was fairly confident however, having used a good quality creams with an SPF every day for the last 30 years. For my age, I don’t think my lines are too bad and I am a freak about drinking water. I’ve given up ever hoping for a tan, and only occasionally get caught out by an unusually sunny day in Scotland, so I didn’t think my results would be too bad. Laid bare in front of Temple Clinic’s skin analysis cameras, with no make up and frankly looking much older than my age, I watched as my face was photographed from several different angles. The high-tech examination quickly came up with a set of results, and my smug confidence was squashed. My skin showed definite sun damage and dehydration – although this is obviously common in women over the age of 40.

I was informed that my hard work over the last 30 years was good, but most damage is actually done before the age of 20. Sun damage causes wrinkles as well as skin cancer, as exposure to UV light increase breaks down the skin’s connective tissues – collagen and elastin fibres, that give the skin its structure. Thankfully, I was reassured that all was not lost. The skin can be stimulated to work properly again by encouraging collagen production and increasing hydration. I was offered a skincare routine which was simple – with, for me, two vital new ingredients. Firstly, a sunscreen.

My daily moisturiser claims an SPF, but SPF refers only to UVB protection, as UVA isn’t rated. So my expensive moisturiser might prevent me burning, but may not stop further sun damage as that needs a UVA protector. Secondly, and I think the most important part of the new skincare routine, I was given a high-strength vitamin A skin rejuvenation serum (Retriderm) that is designed to repair the effects of ageing and maintain a healthy skin. As someone who has used a variety of creams, serums and gels, the programme seemed simple.

After the first night-time use of the retriderm, my skin felt healthy the next morning. After a few days, I noticed a difference in how my skin felt as I applied the creams, and I was very surprised to realise after just a week, that my skin felt very different. Firmer yes, softer definitely – and a friend even commented on my skin looking good without knowing that I had changed my routine. I am delighted that every day I know I am helping to improve my skin – taking an active step to protect my skin and adding vital ingredients to help maintain it. The 1970s may have damaged my skin, but 2017 technology and expert advice can help me continue to fight off the ageing process. 

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