Thank you for giving me my life back

When Morag Galloway first stepped through the doors at Temple Clinic, she was feeling permanently tired and unhappy.

At 52, Morag was pre-menopausal and exhausted. She was suffering from hot flushes, mood swings and had lost her get up and go. Morag first met with Dr Sam Robson in 2016 to talk about Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. She had heard mixed reports about HRT and wanted to investigate a more tailored approached to hormone replacement.

As well as conducting a series of hormone tests, Dr Sam suggested that Temple Clinic’s proven weight loss programme would really help Morag. It was clear that being overweight was also impacting on her well-being and energy levels. Having slowly gained weight over the previous ten years, Morag wanted to slim down, but had tried lots of diets with no lasting success.

Dr Sam explained that Temple’s weight loss programme works quickly and effectively, and so Morag was keen to give it a try. “From the very beginning, what I loved about the weight loss programme was its simplicity,” said Morag. “It is so easy to understand and follow – and gives you fabulous results. Weekly sessions with the therapist gave me the chance to ask questions and to occasionally adjust the way I was eating, and the toning sessions were extremely relaxing and really helped towards making me feel healthier and slimmer”.

When Morag reached her ideal weight, she realised that her whole attitude to food had changed. “There was no way I was going to go back to my old way of eating. Having shed just under three stone, I felt healthier and younger. I now see food as a fuel rather than a comfort, and enjoy eating, taking care to choose healthy, tasty foods.” After losing weight, Morag felt ready to move on to phase two of her ‘new me’ plan. “I spent a long time deciding whether to do hormone replacement, and, after dropping three dress sizes, I knew that I felt positive and ready to finish off my transformation,” she said. “I definitely had more energy after the weight loss, but the hot flushes were still a problem, so in July 2017, Dr Sam checked my hormone levels and provided me with a personalised plan for balancing my hormones.” By Christmas, Morag felt like a different person.

“I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have been in years. The weight loss gave me my confidence back, and the hormone therapy has dramatically reduced my hot flushes and resolved my mood issues.” “The combination of Temple’s weight loss programme and BIHRT has completely changed my life. I have rediscovered me and I am full of energy and enjoying every day to the full!”.

“I can’t thank everyone at Temple Clinic enough. From prompt responses to all my queries, to taking the time to get a complete understanding of how I was feeling, the whole team has made me feel valued – Temple has given me a new lease of life. “My husband is delighted and so am I.”

Fact File

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) was developed in response to the concerns over synthetic hormones. BIHRT has the identical molecular structure as hormones produced by your body, and are derived from plants. Being identical to human hormones makes it less likely to cause adverse side effects. Following a comprehensive consultation and appropriate tests, a personalised treatment plan is made for the patient, with a customised mix of hormones compounded to treat individual needs. Regular follow ups, adjustments and monitoring help to achieve optimum results.

Temple Clinic’s weight loss and body transformation programme, optimises the body’s chemistry for rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of body fat, giving fast, healthy results. The programme combines a flexible, easy-to-follow eating plan with specialised body treatments which help break down stubborn fat and tighten loose skin. Protein-based nutritional supplements are eaten, alongside three healthy meals each day. Regular reviews ensure the body’s metabolic rate and muscle mass is retained – all that’s lost is fat. The programme is in three stages, with a careful transition stage at the end of treatment. On average, patients are on the therapy for 16 weeks losing an average 4-5 stone during this period. Contact Temple Clinic so we can help you change your life.

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